EPL Viewership On Smartphones Higher in China Than UK

EPL Viewership On Smartphones Higher in China Than UK

17 August 2021 0 By Total Football News

A recent survey among football fans in the UK and in China shows an insightful difference in how Premier League matches are viewed within those markets. According to data presented by Safe Betting Sites, smartphones are the most popular device to view the Premier League in China with a 69% usage rate, compared to only the third most popular device among UK fans at just 30%.

Smartphone Most Popular Device To Watch Football Content In China; Only Third Most Popular In UK

The English Premier League is arguably the world’s most popular football league, with its influence felt beyond its shores. China is an exciting emerging market for many industries and football is one of them, providing the EPL plenty of potentially lucrative growth opportunities. One important factor where a significant divergence can be seen between the two markets is in viewership of the Premier League.

In the UK football matches are viewed primarily on Smart TVs with 70% of over 2500 UK football fans indicating so. Laptops are the second most popular device at 31%, followed closely behind by Smartphones at 30%. In China, a survey of just under 2000 Chinese fans of the Premier League revealed that smartphones are the most popular device to view football content on with 69% indicating so, compared to Smart TVs with 66%.

Chinese Premier League Fans Watch Football More Frequently

The way fans watch football content in a market like China has major implications considering the high-frequency rate in viewership from Chinese fans. Data shows that football fans in China watch football considerably more frequently than football fans in the UK. In China, 15% of Premier League fans indicated watching football content every day compared to just 8% of UK fans.

A further 56% of football fans from China indicated that they watch football content several times a week compared to just 43% of UK fans.

Rex Pascual, Sports Editor at Safe Betting Sites, commented:

“The impressively high viewership of football content on smartphones among Chinese Premier League fans is a tremendous opportunity for clubs to capitalize on. Sponsors will surely have taken notice of this trend too, which could encourage Premier League clubs to enhance the mobile experience better in some of their markets. Regardless of how it is consumed, football seems to have a bright future in China and is looking set to grow from strength to strength.”

You can read more about the story with more statistics and information at:  https://www.safebettingsites.com/2021/08/16/english-premier-league-viewership-on-smartphones-30-in-uk-69-in-china/