Patrick Mahomes reveals he wants to OWN an NFL team as he looks to follow in Tom Brady’s footsteps and expand his business portfolio – after pal Travis Kelce joined the Chiefs quarterback as an investor in the Alpine F1 team

18 October 2023 0 By Total Football News
  • Patrick Mahomes credited Tom Brady for his team investments post-retirement
  • Mahomes owns part of three Kansas City teams and the Alpine F1 team
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Patrick Mahomes has aspirations in football that go far beyond his playing days.

The Kansas City Chiefs quarter back and winner of two Super Bowl titles told ESPN that he plans to explore NFL team ownership after retirement. 

‘Eventually, when I’m done playing,’ Mahomes said of owning an NFL team. ‘I think Tom [Brady] is trying to do it right now, but that’s definitely where you want to get to. I love this sport and want to give back in any way possible. When I’m done playing, obviously I’ll be a Chiefs fan, but at the same time I want to have that competitive edge I’ve always had my entire life.’

Aside from his TB12 and Brady Brand, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New England Patriots quarter back Tom Brady‘s business portfolio spreads across four sports in the United States and overseas. Brady owns stakes in the Las Vegas Raiders (NFL), Las Vegas Aces (WNBA), Vegas Night Owls (MLP), and Birmingham City FC (EFL Championship). 

Aware the difficulties of owning an NFL franchise, Mahomes said he keeps his mind open to ownership in other sports. 

Patrick Mahomes told ESPN that he hopes to own an NFL team after retiring

NFL Legend Tom Brady owns part of the Las Vegas Raiders and three other sports franchises

Patrick Mahomes credited Tom Brady for trailblazing former athletes towards team ownership

Mahomes and Chiefs teammate Travis Kelce recently invested in the Alpine Formula One team

Mahomes and Chiefs teammate Travis Kelce recently invested in the Alpine Formula One team 

Mahomes is a part owner of three Kansas City teams-- the Royals, Current and Sporting KC

Mahomes is a part owner of three Kansas City teams– the Royals, Current and Sporting KC

The 28-year-old already has ownership stakes in other Kansas City teams. Mahomes is a part-owner for the Kansas City Royals (MLB), Current (NWSL), and Sporting Kansas City (MLS).

‘I’m always looking around,’ Mahomes said. ‘I can’t do it in the NFL while I’m playing, so I’m always looking around at other sports. It’s hard to get in all sports, NBA and all that different type of stuff, but I’m always keeping my ears open. If they give me the opportunity, I’m going to jump at it.’ 

Mahomes’ business portfolio got a major upgrade this week after he invested in the Alpine Formula One team. Mahomes joined Chiefs teammate Travis Kelce and golfer Rory McIlroy in this new venture, citing the rapid growth of Formula One racing as a reason to invest. 

‘I think everybody can see the appeal,’ Mahomes said about his F1 ownership. ‘I’ve been able to get to a couple races now. Seeing the environment and watching ‘Drive to Survive’ on Netflix, you see how competitive it is. Anytime you get an opportunity to get in on that.’

Mahomes signed lucrative ten-year, $450m extension in 2020 that would have kept him playing for seven more years. However, Mahomes recently reconstructed the deal and signed a $218.1m contract through 2026. 

Mahomes’ business resume continues to grow as he thrives on the field. As for NFL ownership, it may not be long before he starts exploring the business.