‘Disgraceful’ or ‘correct decision’ – should Luton’s goal have stood?

12 January 2024 0 By Total Football News

Burnley boss Vincent Kompany called it “ridiculous” and “bizarre”, while the club’s co-owner said it was “truly disgraceful”.

The Premier League might be enjoying a staggered winter break but controversy involving the video assistant referee (VAR) flared in the first of this weekend’s five games.

With Burnley on the brink of a crucial 1-0 win in a game of huge significance at the bottom of the table, Luton’s controversial 92nd-minute equaliser – a header by substitute Carlton Morris – was allowed to stand.

There was a lengthy check by the VAR after Elijah Adebayo appeared to impede keeper James Trafford as Morris scored.

But the goal was given the all clear to the anger of the home fans.

“I’m new to this ownership thing, so if I get fined by the Premier League, so be it,” wrote former NFL player JJ Watt, Burnley’s co-owner on X.

“This is as blatant and obvious of a foul as you could have. To miss this on the field AND miss this on VAR is truly disgraceful.”

‘Can’t get my head around decision’

Instead of celebrating a rare victory, Burnley’s fans headed home upset after believing their side had been wrongly denied three crucial points.

“I don’t know what to say to my players. It’s ridiculous,” Clarets boss Kompany, whose team remain in deep trouble – 19th in the table, four points from safety – told BBC Sport.

“We’ll get up and we’ll keep going. It’s not even in my nature to complain about this. I don’t like this side of me. I told the lads ‘I don’t know what to tell you’. It’s bizarre.

“Against Nottingham Forest we had a goal disallowed we got an apology for. It keeps happening. It’s incredible.

“I don’t get it anymore. What is this here? There’s a clear attempt to stop the goalkeeper getting up.”

Burnley defender Dara O’Shea added: “I can’t get my head around the decision. None of us quite understands it and we don’t get any information on the pitch.

“We’re bitterly disappointed with the result. I keep going back to that decision and I just can’t understand it.”