Dyche unaware of possible new financial charges

14 January 2024 0 By Total Football News
Sean Dyche reacts during Everton's game against Aston VillaSean Dyche's Everton are one point above the relegation zone

Everton boss Sean Dyche says is he unaware if the club are facing a new charge regarding an alleged breach of the Premier League's financial rules.

Reports suggest Everton and Nottingham Forest will learn on Monday whether they have been charged with breaking profit and sustainability rules in accounts submitted last month.

Everton are appealing against a 10-point deduction from a previous charge.

"You don't know until you know," Dyche said.

"The last time, the news came out of the blue. I'll explain further if and when the news comes through."

Under the profitability and sustainability regulations, clubs can lose a maximum of £105m over a three-season period, or £35m per campaign, before facing sanctions.

Clubs that breach those limits are at risk of a fine or a points deduction.

Everton received an immediate 10-point deduction in November after an independent commission found the club's losses to 2021-22 amounted to £124.5m.

The punishment is the biggest sporting sanction in the Premier League's history. Everton's appeal is due to be heard before the end of this season.

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