WSL: Watch Everton v Leicester, plus Man Utd v Aston Villa radio & text

24 January 2024 0 By Total Football News

Robert Vilahamn makes six changes to the Tottenham side from their cup victory over Southampton this week.

Ashleigh Neville is not in the squad having picked up a small ankle injury in training we’ve been told.

Among those to return are key players – captain Bethany England, midfielder Grace Clinton and Celin Bizet.

Kit Graham, Ramona Petzelberger and Jess Naz drop to the bench, alongside goalkeeper Becky Spencer, among others.

Tottenham XI: Votikova, Grant, Turner, Bartrip, Nilden, Ahtinhen, Summanen, Bizet, Thomas, Clinton, England.

Subs: Spencer, Buhler, Petzelberger, Graham, Wang, Vinberg, Ayane, Brazil, Naz.

There is just one enforced change for Manchester City boss Gareth Taylor from the victory over Manchester United, which is of course the absence of injured Jill Roord.

In comes Filippa Angeldahl to make up City’s midfield.

Manchester City XI: Keating, Aleixandri, Greenwood, Coombs, Kelly, Hemp, Angeldahl, Ouahabi, Casparij, Shaw, Hasegawa.

Subs: MacIver, Stokes, Houghton, Fowler, Morgan, Park, Mace, Kennedy.