Leicester City promotion: How ‘pure belief’ got Foxes up

Leicester City promotion: How ‘pure belief’ got Foxes up

28 April 2024 0 By Total Football News

For all that ‘Maresca-ball’ has delivered, it has not been universally liked by Foxes supporters.

In January there were shouts of criticism from the stands, as fans demanded a more forceful approach in a game against Swansea that Leicester won 3-1, which prompted the Italian to come out to defend his philosophy.

“Enzo has come in, had clear ideas on how he wants the team to play and they have been fantastic for a majority of the season,” former Foxes captain Morgan said.

“The football they have played, the composure they have showed, the Enzo way has worked.

“Sometimes the fans want to see more expansive, exciting football and direct play, but at the same time the manager is in charge and has found a way to make the team work and win.”

Leicester have become the 28th side to make an immediate return to the Premier League following relegation and could become just the 13th to do so as champions in the 32 years since the competition’s inception in 1992.

Choudhury said the adjustment to the demands of Maresca, a former West Brom and Juventus player whose only previous stint in charge of a first-team lasted 180 days with Parma, has been the biggest and most rewarding challenge of the season.

“We have come in and completely changed our style of football and still managed to be a success,” the defender said.

“The manager has honestly been amazing from day one. The biggest adversity, I think, for the players, the club and the fans has been the style of football.

“It’s something completely new to Leicester City and it’s definitely the direction football is going in now, with the likes of Brighton, obviously Manchester City, Arsenal and Bayer Leverkusen.

“It is a style that is successful, so to have someone with his experience – and not just being at City, but with his playing experience – and staff he has brought in has been amazing.”

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