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17 August 2021 0

EPL Viewership On Smartphones Higher in China Than UK

By Total Football News

A recent survey among football fans in the UK and in China shows an insightful difference in how Premier League matches are viewed within those markets. According to data presented by Safe Betting Sites, smartphones are the most popular device to view the Premier League in China with a 69% usage rate, compared to only the third most popular device among UK fans at just 30%.

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17 August 2020 0

PIKKED Footy App

By tfnadmin

Pikked is an addictive new free to play app designed to appeal to lovers of Fantasy Football but simplifies the process and add levels of addictive excitement. Launching ahead of the new football season, the app is about to change the face of football apps.

Pikked is focused on making predictions on the Premier League. The format of Pikked is simple; just pick three teams each week during the season …