Quiz: Name the opening-day goalscorers

11 September 2020 0 By Total Football News
Who is this goalscorer?
Many a Premier League legend has opened their accounts on day one of the season - can you name them all?

Better late than never...the Premier League is back!

Somewhere a new player, a familiar face, a grizzled veteran or a fresh out of the academy rookie will be the hero in an empty stadium.

But how's your memory of opening-day goals from years gone by - or more to the point, the players who struck them most often?

A total of 41 players have scored at least three Premier League opening-day goals across their career - we're counting all goals scored on any opening Saturday since 1992. And yes, we're being pedantic and sticking to Saturdays only - no Friday night or Sunday games, thanks.

How many can you name? They're listed in alphabetical order. Play!

Can you name these opening day goalscorers?

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