Most Tattooed Football Badges

Most Tattooed Football Badges

4 August 2023 0 By Total Football News

When it comes to supporting our favourite football teams, there are lots of ways fans can show their devotion to their club. They may buy scarves or shirts, hold a season ticket or travel to their club’s away games, however, some may choose a more permanent marker of their devotion – a tattoo. 

A new study from Live Football Tickets has looked into which football clubs have the most popular tattoos, analysing Instagram to see which fans are most likely to get permanent ink to show their dedication to their chosen team. 

Key findings of the study include:

  • CR Flamengo fans were found to be the most devoted football club, with the highest number of football club tattoos on Instagram (6,356).
  • Juventus FC and River Plate fans were in the top three, with 4,436 and 3,873 hashtags respectively.
  • Other top fan teams include Inter Milan (2,625), Arsenal (2,291) and Liverpool FC (1,966).

The Football Teams With The Most Tattooed Football Badges, Revealed

 TeamCountryTotal Number of Instagram Hashtags
1CR FlamengoBrazil6,356
3River PlateArgentina3,873
4Inter MilanItaly2,625
7Manchester UnitedUK1,818
9Borussia DortmundGermany1,466
10Real MadridSpain1,128

Find the full results of the Most Tattooed Football Badges survey here.

1. CR Flamengo – 6,356 tattoo hashtags

At number one is CR Flamengo, with 6,356 tattoos dedicated to the club on Instagram. The Brazilian team, based in Rio de Janeiro, has established itself as one of Brazil’s most successful sports clubs and is one of the three clubs to have never been relegated from the Serie A league, so it’s clear to see why they have the most zealous supporters. 

The majority of die-hard club fans who are found under the hashtags have had the team’s red and black badge tattooed, with some adding key players to their sleeves or ‘81’, ‘19’, ‘22’ for the years the team won the Copa Libertadores tournament. 

2. Juventus FC – 4,436 tattoo hashtags 

The second most devoted fans were those of Juventus FC, with 4,436 tattoo-related hashtags found for the Italian team. It’s reported that the club’s fan base is one of the largest worldwide, with supporters not just coming from the club’s city of origin, but from the country and Italians around the world.

Juventus has become a symbol for anti-parochialism and “Italianness”, with fans around the world getting inked to show their love for the team. 

Making their devotion to the club clear, tattoos primarily focus on the team’s badge and also make reference to the team’s mascot, a zebra, by using zebra stripes and animals are used throughout.

3. River Plate – 3,873 tattoo hashtags 

River Plate supporters came in third with 3,873 fan tattoos devoted to the club on Instagram. 

With the Buenos Aires-based team winning Argentina’s Primera Division championship a record of 38 times, with its latest win this year, it’s clear to see why fans of the club wish to show their loyalty. The team is also at the top of the list in the all-time Argentine Primera Division table, being the Argentine team with most games won, fewest losses, most points accumulated, most goals scored, fewest goals against and best goal difference since the first championship held in 1891.

The Argentinian team’s fans favour the team’s badge when getting tattoos, although some also have opted to have ex-player Juan Fernando Quinto inked alongside the team’s red and black badge.  

4. Inter Milan – 2,625 tattoo hashtags 

Italian team, Inter Milan, claimed fourth spot with 2,625 devoted supporter tattoos on Instagram. Formed after a split with the Milan Cricket and Football Club (now AC Milan), Inter is the only Italian team to have always competed in the top flight of Italian football since its debut in 1909.

Loyal fans of the club sport a mixture of tattoos for the team, with some opting for the club’s blue badge, famous players for the team, a snake to commemorate the team’s mascot, or even San Siro, the club’s stadium that they share with rivals AC Milan. 

5. Arsenal – 2,291 tattoo hashtags 

In fifth place worldwide, and first place for Premier League teams, is Arsenal with 2,291 fan tattoos under their relevant Instagram hashtags. When it comes to trophy wins, the North London-based club is the third-most successful club in English football, with notable players including Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and more recently Bukayo Saka. 

When it comes to what they’re getting to show their devotion, hyper realistic portraits of players are popular with supporters. Alternatively, a common option for dedicated fans who support ‘The Gunners’ is the team’s badge of a canon, usually in black and white.

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