Fulham fined £75,000 over Fabio Carvalho rule breach

Fulham fined £75,000 over Fabio Carvalho rule breach

30 April 2024 0 By Total Football News

Fulham have been fined £75,000 by the Premier League and given a suspended six-month ban “from registering any academy players currently or previously registered with another club”.

The punishment, external relates to a payment made by the Cottagers to Balham Blazers FC following Fabio Carvalho’s move to Liverpool.

Attacking midfielder Carvalho joined Fulham’s academy from Balham Blazers in December 2014.

The Premier League said, external Fulham “accepted breaches of the Premier League rules in relation to player registrations”.

The judgement about the issue added the London club “has accepted that the payment of the settlement sum pursuant to the Carvalho agreement and/or settlement agreement are breaches of rule U.38”.

The club’s ban is suspended for one year and started on 15 April, 2024.

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