Premier League: Profit and Sustainability Rules to remain next season ahead of vote change

Premier League: Profit and Sustainability Rules to remain next season ahead of vote change

11 April 2024 0 By Total Football News

The Premier League’s current profit and sustainability rules are to remain in place for next season.

That is despite the fact that clubs agreed unanimously to change the rules in principle at a meeting on Thursday.

At present, clubs cannot report losses of more than £105m over a three-year period.

A vote on whether to move to a model adopted by Uefa, which permits squad spending to a ratio of revenue and player sales, will take place in June.

But with details still to be worked out, the current system will remain in place.

Everton and Nottingham Forest have both been deducted points for breaching the rules.

The Toffees have been deducted eight points in total, while Forest were docked four points.

The rules have been criticised by some for being overly prohibitive and for protecting clubs with greater revenues.

Under Uefa rules, clubs can spend no more than 70% of their revenue on squad costs – and at June’s vote, clubs will decide whether they would prefer to move to a similar model.

Instead, it is thought an 85% limit is more likely, which the Premier League feels will allow for ambition at clubs who do not qualify for Europe.

The timescale on such a decision, though, means the rules will not change for next season.

And even if the details around squad cost regulations are agreed in time for the Premier League’s annual meeting in June, they will initially be introduced in shadow form.

It is still to be decided how any transition would work and whether, as with Uefa, the Premier League would reduce to a final percentage over a period of time or whether it would be introduced immediately.

It is expected the principle of points deductions to punish clubs who exceed the limits will remain even if the new rules are brought in.

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